Lancaster Gate

Lancaster Gate is made up of three imposing buildings on the Barrie Estate in the City of Westminster, just north of Kensington Gardens.

Carroll House at 11 storeys with Garson House and Gilray House at 6 storeys each, provide 130 residential dwellings in a sought after area of Central London.

The residents’ housing association, via their contract administration team DWP Associates, first approached Hazlemere a couple of years ahead of project commencement, requesting some guidance on the forthcoming scheme and in particular the complications of planning requirements. It was agreed the best way forward was for Hazlemere to design and produce various pilot windows to ensure the necessary approvals from the local planning department.

Lancaster Gate

Following a successful pilot scheme Hazlemere were awarded Main Contractor status and along with the Fensa registered installation (with insurance backed warranties) of all windows and doors we also took responsibility for the associated brickwork and concrete repairs. With the erection of scaffolding in August 2019 a specialist company inspected and subsequently repaired the brickwork and concrete for all three buildings ahead of decoration of the finished surfaces.

Sapa Crown aluminium windows and doors in white were selected, with some additional Sapa Si tilt turn windows, also in white aluminium. A couple of challenges arose as is invariably the case with such projects. Many of the properties had bespoke internal finishes so adjustments and modifications to existing marble and granite cills was required at some of the apartments, to ensure the satisfaction of all residents. Asbestos was found to be present and the safe removal and disposal worked into the programme, a regular occurrence with projects such as these.

However, an experience new to the team, and we thought we’d seen it all in 35 years, was the uncertainty brought by the COVID-19 pandemic, that resulted into a forced 12 week site shutdown and the logistical challenge of getting the project safely completed once government advice allowed. Our project managers and installation teams are well versed in working within residential properties and are sensitive to the needs of homeowners during works, but COVID-19 certainly put a new dynamic on the needs of the residents during the final weeks of the project.

Lancaster Gate

Following a recommendation, the Lancaster Gate Housing Association approached Hazlemere in the early days of project planning to discuss the window and door refurbishment required for 130 apartments.

“Their assistance with pilot windows to facilitate approval from the planning department was hugely appreciated and the support and advice administered prior to an official order being placed cemented the belief that Hazlemere were the right partner for our substantial project. We awarded them Main Contractor status to not only deal with the window and door aspect of the project but to also oversee the concrete and brickwork repairs and the subsequent redecoration of all painted surfaces.

Success would ultimately be measured on the satisfaction of the residents and we needed a company who would be sympathetic to working within a residential environment. We are happy to recommend Hazlemere as a communicative and supportive partner for large residential buildings and thank all of the team for helping us to deliver a successful refurbishment of The Barrie Estate.”

Stephen Porter, Lancaster Gate Housing Association, London W2

Lancaster Gate

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