Hazlemere Commercial increases production at its aluminium factory in High Wycombe

Hazlemere Commercial’s factory resumed work several weeks ago, though at a reduced production capacity with the aim of bringing back all its fabricators in phases, following social distancing rules and taking daily regular cleaning and sanitising precautions.

Most of Hazlemere Commercial’s estimating team are also now back at work, having been cleared by the Government to do so, so they are now ready and able to assist new enquiries, existing tender requests and answering and product or pricing queries. So if you have a project you’d like them to have a look at, then please do send it to them via info@hazlemerecommercial.co.uk or call the switchboard 01494 897600 during working hours.

The team at Hazlemere Commercial is as keen to get all its workforce bac ASAP, as soon as is safe to do so, as being a family owned and run business the Healthy and Safety of all our clients and staff is top of our agenda. Our commercial installing teams are now all back on site doing what they do best, but now doing so in a cautious and respectful manner.

Hazlemere Commercial’s factory only reopened after having carried out the necessary Risk Assessments and only after the changed Government guidelines (which stated that non-essential construction work is a permissible activity). Hazlemere Commercial continue to take necessary pre-cautions to ensure our factory staff and suppliers delivery drivers are able to work in a safe working environment, with the aim in the coming weeks, to ramp up production once the new working practices have fully bedded in.

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