Why commercial buildings will benefit from using architectural aluminium

Is or will your organisation involved in commercial building renovation or construction? Would it like the best products for it’s next building or renovation project? Does it want to work with a company which has wide ranging experience in the commercial sector? If so, it would be well worth your organisation at least having a chat with Hazlemere Commercial.

Hazlemere Commercial are one of the UK’s largest suppliers of architectural aluminium fenestration products. Hazlemere works with respected aluminium systems houses including AluK, Sapa and Technal to create the best aluminium windows, doors, and curtain walling. To inspire you with your organisation’s next commercial project, here are several ways that commercial buildings can benefit from using architectural aluminium.

Durable with inherent strength

Aluminium’s inherent strength makes it the perfect material for commercial buildings, and especially the fenestration and where there will be heavy traffic external access and egress entrance doors. It is lightweight, strong, durable, and resistant to extremes of weather. It is flexible and easy to form, making it perfect for unusual designs and creating bespoke products. Aluminium’s range of qualities make it the perfect material for fabricating high performing double glazed and triple glazed windows, doors, and curtain walling for a multitude of applications.

Re-usable as aluminium is 100% recyclable

Aluminium is one of the most environmentally friendly and sustainable materials in the world. It can be melted down and re-formed repeatedly without losing any of its quality. By using recycled aluminium, your organisation’s carbon footprint will be reduced and in the future the aluminium used in it’s new or refurbished commercial building can be re-used for another project.

Aluminium is extruded from a naturally occurring mineral called Bauxhite. Bauxhite is found across the globe and is easily accessible due to its close proximity to the Earth’s surface. Its abundance and accessibility make it easy to mine with minimal environmental disruption.

Build a better society by building with aluminium

Hazlemere Commercial fervently believe that aluminium is the material of the future. From their extensive industry experience, they have amassed a broad product knowledge. They constantly stay up to date with latest industry developments and high-tech machinery to ensure they remain at the forefront of advancements in technology.

If you’d like to find out more about how Hazlemere Commercial can help you to complete your organisation’s next commercial fenestration installation, contact them today on 01494 897600 or email info@hazlemerecommercial.co.uk

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