Architectural glazing is used in a wide variety of large-scale commercial installations. From multi-storey office blocks, to schools, colleges, and local authority buildings; architectural glazing is a common feature in every town and city across the country. At Hazlemere Commercial, we have extensive experience manufacturing and installing architectural glazing systems. We can design and supply curtain walling and shop front systems, bespoke designed to your exact specifications.

Architectural glazing for a better working environment

Architectural glazing provides a wealth of benefits. Fabricated using high performance aluminium, it is energy efficient, super secure, robust, durable, and visually attractive. You might be surprised to hear that it is also good for productivity in the workplace. According to the Health and Safety Executive, there are many factors that impact a working environment, with appropriate levels of lighting being one of the most important.

Recent workplace studies have found that the amount of natural light entering a building, has a direct link with office productivity and staff wellbeing. Offices with large expanses of glazing were found to be a far more productive environment than those illuminated purely by artificial light. This means that architectural glazing is not only an excellent investment in the physical structure of the building, it is also beneficial for the people working inside.

A range of products for your installation project

At Hazlemere Commercial, we work with renowned systems houses, AluK, Reynaers, and Sapa. They supply us with high quality aluminium systems to create our top-end windows, doors, and curtain walling. Regarding your requirements, we can offer you professional advice on the best products to suit your project plans.

If you’re involved in an office building installation, we understand the importance of optimising natural light intake. Our aluminium windows and curtain walling feature ultra-slim sight lines to create a stylish minimalist look and admit maximum natural light.

Inversely, too much natural light can sometimes result in unwanted solar glare. For south facing buildings or offices where a reduction in solar gain would be beneficial, we can provide a range of solar shading products. Brise Soleil reduce the amount of solar radiation on the building façade thus maximising energy efficiency and creating a more pleasant working environment.

If you’re interested in finding out more about how architectural glazing could benefit your office space, contact Hazlemere Commercial today. Call us on 01494 897 600 or send us a message online.