At Hazlemere Commercial, we place a great amount of importance on finding the best suppliers. For over 25 years, we have been working with aluminium systems specialists Sapa Building Systems. Sapa are industry leaders in the design and manufacture of high quality aluminium extrusions. They provide tailored solutions for a wide range of building applications.

Sapa are a world-renowned manufacturer of aluminium. They offer support and advice with product development at their research and development centres across Europe and the USA. Working with Sapa has enabled Hazlemere Commercial to provide some of the best aluminium windows, doors, and curtain walling for many commercial installations.

An environmentally conscious company

Sapa have over 50 years of experience in aluminium manufacturing. Their material knowledge is second to none. Sapa strive to recycle as much aluminium as possible. They re-melt and re-use more than 50% of end-of-life products. This has helped to develop a company focus on promoting eco-awareness by reducing emissions through environmentally friendly processes.

At Hazlemere Commercial, we also run a comprehensive environmental policy. Many of our processes and values align with Sapa’s to create a shared ethos towards our production methods. It is our intention to limit waste production and maximise recycling. We have worked in tangent with Sapa to create strategies which will benefit society as a whole.

Quality curtain walling from Sapa

At Hazlemere Commercial, we supply and install the Elegance 52 and Elegance 72 curtain wall systems. Both systems offer excellent weather performance and thermal insulation and are designed to allow easy on-site installation. Alongside Sapa curtain walling, we also install a wide range of Sapa windows and doors. Have a look at our Sapa design features page for further information.

At Hazlemere Commercial, we work with the best in order to provide the best. Our windows, doors, and curtain walling systems have been used in a range of high profile commercial projects. From high rise apartment buildings to schools, colleges, and offices; our commitment to quality remains first class. For more information on what Hazlemere Commercial can do for you, call us on 01494 897 600 or send us a message online.