Rickmansworth School Window Refurbishment

Rickmansworth School had received support via the Condition Improvement Fund to replace the old steel Crittall windows at their site. CIF funding is available to eligible schools and academies who need to address health and safety issues, building compliance and poor building conditions. The school were supported by consultants Trend & Thomas, with the main contractor Tuskar Construction instructing Hazlemere to manufacture and install the required new aluminium windows and door sets.  

Technal Dualframe DF 75 casement windows were specified in single colour 9910 gloss white aluminium, with a quantity featuring Teleflex winding to operate high level openers. Intricate aluminium pressings were required on the perimeter of the windows and the columns. The glazing specification called for two panes of 6mm glass featuring anti-sun solar control. The Technal Stormframe STII commercial doors were fitted with maglocks for entry control.

As is often the case with our work in education establishments the windows and doors were fitted during the Christmas holidays and over weekends to minimise disruption to the school and their students. Project value £265,000. 

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